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Please note, all prices below are 'from' and for guide purposes only. We have a fantastic range of options to make your Wendy house perfect for you and the purpose you intend to put it to. So please contact us for a free, no obligation quote for your exact requirements.

The base price is based on having wooden floors and windows, plastic lining inside, and standard window and door configurations, with no additional finishing inside. A price is provided for both flat and pitched roof options where available.


LengthWidthFlat PitchPitched Roof

Nutec is a man-made fiber board. It is made by mixing short fibers into a cement mixture, which is then compressed to form a sheet material. The resulting board is very strong and very durable, and can be treated like any other cement surface.
Nutec is actually a trade name for a particularly high quality cement fiber board, which complies to all relevant SABS standards. The boards are used as a cladding to replace traditional pine boards on Wendy houses and garden sheds.
Nutec Wendy Houses will last longer than traditional pine clad structures, and require less maintenance, however, Nutec does require a higher initial investment to build. 

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LengthWidthFlat PitchPitched Roof

Wendy houses are what you would call the traditional look, in which boards are fixed across the width of the structure, with each board overlapping the one below it. This means that water runs down the sides of the building, but cannot work its way back up and into the inside.
The material used for overlapping is treated pine. Pine is readily available from sustainable sources, making it low impact on the environment, and is treated to SABS standards to ensure that it will last for years.
As with all wooden structures, maintenance is key to longevity, but, properly cared for, your overlap wendy house will provide a life time of service to you.

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3m 3m R3900
3m 4m R4950
3m 6m R6400
3m 9m R8300
3m 12m R9950
3m 15m R12350
4m 6m R7750
4m 9m R10050
4m 12m R13450
6m 6m R10200
6m 9m R14450
6m 12m R17990

Finishing turns your wendy house into a home.
Adding a ceiling to your unit will not only make it look fantastic, but add more insulation, reduce noise, and gives a good hiding place to all those wires and pipes.
As with all our work, our ceilings are fully compliant with all relevant building codes and are covered by our guarantee.
Let us make your wendy house home a reality.

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Added Extra Prices

extra single window R250
extra double window (from)R350
aluminium windowsR400
extra double window (from)R550
additional doorsR550
partition (no door)R1200
partition with doorR1550
2 light, 2 plugsR2900
electrical install with distribution boardR5500
toilet, basin, and shower (connected)R8500

The prices above are for basic units. This added services are available to help turn your Wendy house into what you want it to be. We can create anything from simple storage to a fully functioning modern home.

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Roof options

Flat Pitch

The roof is 2.4m at the front, sloping to 2.2m at the rear of the building. This allows rain water to run off the back of the building, away from the doors and windows at the front. The direction of the slope is only a recommended preference and can be changed to suit your requirements. Typically we use corrugated sheeting for our roofing- its strong, durable, and weather proof, as well as being low maintenance.

Pitched Roof

This is what you would say is a classic roof type. It slopes from both sides up to an apex, with a gable at either end. Heights depend on the size and pitch desired, however, typically, the lowest point is 2.2m and the apex is 2.4m. Orientation can be either direction, and even accommodated in odd shaped Wendy houses.


Wooden floor

The traditional way of flooring a Wendy house is to use a pallet type construction in which joists are supported on leveled blocks, then sheets of durable ply are laid over these and fixed in place. The rigidity and stability of the floor is paramount in building a solid, dependable structure that will survive the rigors of use. A wooden floor provides this rigidity, but still allows the unit to be classed as temporary, as it has no fixed foundation, and can be easily moved if required.

Concrete floor

A slab of concrete is laid as the base of your Wendy house. This is obviously very stable, but does make your unit a semi-permanent structure. Slabs are laid to SABS standards, and remove the springiness often associated with wooden floors. Your concrete floor can then be finished to your specification, be it tiled, laminated, or simply painted.

Windows and doors


Strong, durable, and incredibly low maintenance, pre-sealed aluminium windows and doors are a great option if traditional look is not your thing. The glass is thick and strong and the frames stand up to our harsh climate with little to no maintenance. The units come pre made by reputable manufacturers and comply to all SABS standards.


Made from sustainable plantation and invader species hard wood by reputable window manufacturers and finished to SABS specifications. Wooden window frames match our traditional wood finish Wendy houses perfectly. This versatile option can also be painted to suit any colour scheme. With proper maintenance and care, wooden doors and windows will last a life time.



From a simple light or wall plug to fully function home electrics, including distribution boards, we have the skilled tradesmen on hand to install your needs. All work is to SABS standards, and done by a certified electrician.


We can produce Wendy houses that can be used as a home, including a fully functioning bathrooms and kitchens. If there is an existing water infrastructure then our plumbers can plug you in. All work complies to SABS standards and is carried out by certified plumbers.


If you are building a larger unit then you may need to sub divide the internal space. We have you covered, with a range of stud wall options. From simple partitions to cavity stud walls, as well as ceilings, we can produce a Wendy house to suit your needs.


All our traditional wooden wendy houses come varnished and treated, however, you may want a more colourful finish, or are going for a Nutec cladding and want a paint scheme to match your surroundings. Our skilled painters can do this for you.

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