What is Nutec and why is it so good for making Wendy houses out of?

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Nutec Wendy houses are all the rage but what is it, and why is it so good for Wendy Houses?

And is Nutec the best material for your Wendy house or garden shed to be made from?

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Nutec- the perfect material for modern Wendy Houses

Nutec is a man-made fiber board. It is made by mixing short fibers into a cement mixture, which is then compressed to form a sheet material. The resulting board is very strong and very durable, and can be treated like any other cement surface.

Nutec is actually a trade name for a particularly high quality cement fiber board, which complies to all relevant SABS standards. The boards are used as a cladding to replace traditional pine boards on Wendy houses and garden sheds.

Nutec Wendy Houses will last longer than traditional pine clad structures, and require less maintenance, however, Nutec does require a higher initial investment to build.

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Why is Nutec so long lasting?

Impervious to water

Unlike timber, Nutec boards do not rot with exposure to water, even with poor maintenance. With proper maintenance- a good coating of quality masonry paint- a Nutec wendy house is a lifetime investment.

Pests hate it

Rats are a real problem for Wendy house owners, especially none lived in structures. Apart from wanting to get to what is inside, rats find the pine cladding particularly good for gnawing on to keep their teeth short. But they hate chewing Nutec and leave it alone. And of course, bugs only want to eat wood.

Easy to maintain

Caring for a Nutec wendy house is exactly the same as for any other rendered cement surface- prime with a masonry primer, and paint it with the correct paint product. So you can match your Wendy house or garden shed to any decor scheme you wish.

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